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The Independent
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America's Independent Party. 

The Independent National Party.

I'm Proud to be an Independent Voter.

The Independent National Party, (INP), is the party in-between. we believe that that the government should work for us, not the other way around.

The INP began as a small grassroots group of activists with strongly different political views, through discussion, understanding and respect has grown into one of Americas strongest independent organizations becoming the voice for independent voters and candidates in all levels of government. 

In early 2015, the Independent National Party, (INP) emerged on the national stage as an alternative to the two major political party system during the 2016 elections. American's continue to voice their displeasure with the way our government is being run including the politics as usual status quo. 

Enough is enough, too many of our elected officials have put their own needs ahead of ours. We expect fair representation by our elected officials, fiscal responsibility, common-sense economic policies, a balanced budget, and transparency.  

The American people have spoken, and the future of America is in your hands, your voices, and your votes.  

It’s time we put America’s interests first.  

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